Why should you contact the RDS team ?

The easiest way to think of it is: “sometimes you need a doctor & sometimes you need a specialist”
Specialist Team

R&D is all that we do, unlike many organisations who have a broad knowledge about lots of tax schemes and incentives we solely focus on R&D and advise companies on how to successfully claim all R&D tax credits they are due.

Simple transparent process

We know how busy you are running your business, so we have a simple process that only requires a couple of hours of your time in total, and then we’ll do all the rest of the work ready for submission to HMRC for you. Let us do the leg work for you.

Maximising your R&D Tax Claim

To maximise all available R&D you can claim for often requires an R&D specialist who’s sole purpose is to analyse and identify all elements you can claim for.  Although some accountancy firms dabble in submitting R&D claims, most don’t create and submit an R&D report to justify the claim figures – an R&D report is essential.

Our Fee is only due upon your successful claim
We don’t charge day rates or have hidden fees, we simply create your R&D claim and supply your accountant with the claim details ready for submission to HMRC – and then only charge a Success Fee of 25% when your first claim has been approved (20% for future years – as most companies can claim each year).

Does my accountant not deal with R&D claims?

What a lot of businesses don’t consider when looking at an R&D tax claim is the level of work involved and the time it takes. Typically accountants would bill for the time spent working on your accounts, and that may mean that doing an R&D claim for you runs up a large bill that they can’t bill you for if the claim isn’t successful. In addition to that, they tend to go through a set framework for claiming your R&D and that can mean that claims aren’t maximised.

The RDS team will do all the work on your claim for you – we only charge a 25% success fee when your first claim has been successful (20% for future claims)

Accountants are fantastic at what they do and their knowledge is vast, but to maximise all available R&D you can claim for often requires an R&D specialist who’s sole purpose is to analyse and maximise the return you can apply for. We welcome the chance to work with accountants as we can help a lot of their clients benefit from HMRC’s R&D tax incentive scheme, we have no desire to affect the relationship between you and your accountant and we purely want to assist your business access the financial benefits available.

Just like your accountant we want your business to be successful – we are delighted to just focus on our specific area

How we operate is purely on a ‘success fee’ percentage, which is only applicable when a claim is successful. We do all the leg work on the claim and then pass the information over to your accountant for submission to HMRC. It is a great way to work, whereby our success it directly linked to your success, meaning we have 100% focus on not only ensuring your claim is successful and meets HMRCs requirements, but also to ensure the claim is as complete and comprehensive as possible.

Focused on helping growing supporting developing UK businesses. . .

With a desire to become the best in our field, our in-house team focus on understanding our clients businesses and current R&D projects, as well as their future planned R&D.  This means that we can become an extension to our client’s businesses, regularly throwing around ideas, answering R&D questions & strategising – not just creating and quantifying an R&D claim at the end of year.


We bring a huge range of business experience across multiple sectors. Our professional team are passionate about helping businesses to access all the R&D tax benefits available and although we have a process we can apply to any business in any sector, we pride ourselves on our personal touch to every client.