R&D Tax Credits for Manufacturing

R&D in the manufacturing industry is vital and so it is perhaps unsurprising that the manufacturing sector takes advantage of R&D tax credits the most. 


Research and development activity is routinely carried out and R&D tax credits for manufacturing are there to encourage continuous innovation. By developing new or improved production processes, products, manufacturing equipment and technology, your company can be eligible for tax relief. 


Many manufacturing companies don’t realise how much of their work can be included for tax relief. Our experts can help you identify all appropriate work and create a successful R&D tax credit claim.

What is R&D in Manufacturing?

manufacturing R&D welding

Manufacturing research and development covers a wide spectrum of activities. If your business has developed improvements to methods, processes or technology, you have engaged in R&D. In manufacturing, this sort of work can often be seen as routine; however, it is exactly this sort of activity that can qualify for this type of tax credit.


Here are just some examples of manufacturing R&D projects which could qualify:

  • Prototyping, modelling and prototype testing
  • Developing 2nd gen or improved products
  • Designing & developing efficient and innovative operational processes
  • Improving equipment capability, productivity, cost efficiency, safety or energy efficiency
  • Improving manufacturing processes using new materials, automation or robotics
  • Designing & developing process alternatives
  • Developing new or improved CNC programmes


As experts in this field we can help you make the most of the R&D tax credit scheme by identifying which of your activities qualify for tax relief. With extensive business experience across multiple sectors, we can simplify the claim process for you. 


If you have any questions about R&D tax credits for manufacturing businesses, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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