RDS specialise in working with businesses to help them identify & claim their Research & Development (R&D) tax credit / refund from HMRC.

An initial 10 minute phone call, at your convenience, will quickly determine whether your business has a potential claim.

There is no up front charge for our service, we are only paid an agreed fee after a successful claim is made.

Any Limited Company could qualify as it really doesn’t matter what sector your business is in.

What is Research & Development (R&D) ?

Simply put, it is an advance in science, technology or process … 

What can count as Research & Development ?

Software development

Development businesses, technology start-ups, companies with technology at the heart of their business often undertake significant technical development on their products or processes. And so much more ...

New material development



Companies looking to improve existing materials, develop new materials and enhance existing products through innovative thinking, development, prototyping & testing. And so much more ...

Environmental products

Companies looking to develop products to reduce environmental impact, carbon neutral solutions, green production methods and a focus on improving manufacture of products to eliminate product & material wastage.

Innovative food product development


R&D here may include the development of products in relation to nutrition, allergens, improved packaging methods & techniques, or even process improvement for the manufacture of products. And so much more ...

Here are just a few of the activities you can claim for:


The improvement and modernisation of techniques, process improvements, innovation within manufacture, machinery adaption and development to create a superior product or output. And so much more ...

Improved Process

Process improvement can often be seen as quite intangible, but is effectively focussing on doing something, better, faster, stronger, safer, more efficiently, or with a focus on ultimately generating a better output than there was originally.

Scientific Innovation

Typically businesses using science to deliver solutions, medicines and scientific machinery to solve biological problems.  Often involving breakthrough research, ai and innovative digital technologies for prototyping, development & trialing.

New & Improved product development

Improved an existing material, product, device, service through technical change, resolving technical issues with an existing product or service, Developed new tools, materials, products, devices, systems or services. And so much more ...

What costs are claimable ?

Watch our 2 minute video below to see what you can claim & how an R&D claim financially benefits you…

  • Bills associated with R&D work
  • Staff costs / wages associated with R&D projects
  • Subcontractor costs associated with your R&D
  • Materials & wastage related to R&D projects
  • Travel and associated costs for R&D

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