Professional Team

Our team of professionals will help you quickly identify and claim for all of your R&D costs.

Simple Process

We can scope out all potential R&D costs in just a couple of hours and give you an indication of the available tax credit benefit.

Accounting Specialists

Our in-house accounting team can ensure all R&D costs are identified and then prepare your claim for HMRC to approve.

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Our Service & Simple Process

We are proud to be able to help SMEs and Large companies access R&D tax credits. We are committed to our personal approach to each and every company we deal with, and our team will take the time to ensure we help you access the maximum benefits available.

Step 1


– Initial 30 minute phone call or meeting
– We will discuss your field of business
– We’ll explain our simple process
– We will arrange for an analysis meeting

This typically takes 30 minutes

Step 2


– A face to face opportunity to discuss your R&D
– We will identify all potential R&D tax credits
– We can advise on how the process continues
– We will arrange a proposal review meeting

This is typically a 2 hour meeting

Step 3

Proposal Review

– We will review your R&D proposal with you
– We will ensure we have captured all R&D costs
– We can answer any further questions you have
– We will guide you on the typical timescales

This is typically a 1 hour meeting

Step 4

Specialist Approval

– Our specialists review your R&D claim
– We may ask a few more questions
– Ensures easy submission on your CT600
– A fantastic way to reclaim R&D costs

Step 5

Submit Tax Return

– Your accountant will submit the return
– We will supply the exact figures to submit
– Submitted via CT600 form
– A tax credit or refund depending on profit

Step 6

Receive Tax Credit

– A credit against your tax bill
– A repayment if your business made a loss
– Paid directly to you from HMRC
– We only get paid by you for successful claims

Some interesting R&D Facts & Figures

Some of these might surprise you . . .

billion pounds spent by UK businesses on R&D in 2016 - 2017


UK businesses claimed R&D credits in 2016 - 2017


million pounds (£4.4bn) claimed by UK businesses in 2016 - 2017


pounds on average paid out to each business

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