R&D Tax Credits in Construction

Construction is an industry which is constantly developing in terms of processes, materials, methods, and more. If your company is investing in making new products or processes, or even improving current ones, this is classed as research & development. 


With R&D tax credits in construction, you can claim money back to cover the costs associated with driving innovation. Costs you can enter in your claim include:


  • Staff costs
  • Subcontractor costs
  • Materials & consumables costs 
  • Utilities costs


Many construction firms aren’t taking advantage of the R&D tax relief available – research suggests under 1% of successful claims come from the construction industry. Whether that’s due to businesses not knowing there’s tax relief available, or not realising the work they’re doing counts as research & development – our team are here to help. We can identify qualifying activities, create project reports, and make your tax relief claim.

What is R&D in the Construction Industry?

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building work in construction R&D

Research and development  in construction comes in many different shapes. If you have tackled any technical problems in your work – whether that’s improving or developing new products, techniques, processes or materials – this can count as construction R&D. 


Many types of businesses related to construction can benefit too, from engineering firms to architects. Here are some examples of what R&D in the construction industry could include:


  • Creating, developing or experimenting with new materials
  • Innovative usage of eco-friendly or sustainable materials or methods
  • Improving existing construction techniques & processes to make them more efficient
  • Adapting existing construction techniques to solve environmental issues or site specific problems
  • Integrating new or improved technology or systems into a building
  • Solving technical problems that crop up during a construction project
  • Developing new or improved construction equipment


As you can see, construction research and development activity can cover a wide variety of tasks. If you would like assistance identifying your company’s activities, creating the necessary reports and submitting R&D tax credit claims, our experts are here to help. 


We’ve worked with hundreds of clients across many different sectors, including construction companies. Simply get in touch to discuss how we can help you access the available R&D tax credits.

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