Analysis & Review – Typically a 2 hour meeting where one of our R&D specialists will scope all claimable R&D costs.

This involves a more in depth briefing with your key people in respect of all R & D projects you have undertaken detailing all costs including:

  • Costs of staff salaries inc. NI and Pension contributions
  • Costs of any materials and consumables used
  • Costs of developing new or adapting existing software
We look maximise your claim by talking to the right people in your business.
Discuss Your Project with Our Team

This meeting will allow you to:

  • Tell our team the R&D you have undertaken
  • Show us any prototypes or output of R&D
  • Question us on the potential of a claim
  • Provide all related costs for R&D (wages etc)
  • Help us understand past & planned future R&D projects