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R&D Tax Credits in Retail & Wholesale

The retail and wholesale sector has seen much of its growth and innovation come from e-commerce recently. Online retail comes with a variety of issues to overcome, from stock management to security. 


To overcome such issues, you may find your business has to look to build bespoke solutions, adapt and develop existing products, or integrate multiple systems – all of these will likely involve some research and development. If you are making notable improvements and advancing existing technology, you could be eligible for retail R&D tax credits.


Retail and wholesale covers a wide range of businesses, including: 


  • Retail & wholesale of food & drinks
  • Clothes & textiles
  • Household goods
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Agricultural materials 


R&D tax credits for wholesale and retail can cover research and development in any of these businesses and more. We can help identify which of your activities can qualify, no matter what kind of business you run.

What is R&D in Retail & Wholesale?

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Research and development  in retail & wholesale can cover many types of activity, although they largely relate to improving efficiency and customer experience. With new technology emerging all the time, research, development and testing to improve processes, systems and performance can keep you ahead of the competition. 


Some examples of R&D projects in retail and wholesale include:


  • Creating a sophisticated, bespoke e-commerce platform
  • Developing a bespoke system to integrate previously separate stock and accounts systems 
  • Developing bespoke e-commerce solutions for secure worldwide payments, data encryption, data analysis, personalisation and more
  • Researching and implementing new materials or packaging which is stronger, lighter or more eco-friendly
  • Producing or developing blockchain technology to manage shipments better and lower costs
  • Implementing automated systems and equipment for materials handling


We have expertise in R&D tax credit claims across many different sectors and businesses. Not only can our team guide you through the tax relief process and help to produce necessary reports, we can also identify the full extent of your activities for the best claim outcome. 


If you want to learn more about retail & wholesale R&D tax credits, contact our friendly team today.

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