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R&D Tax Credits in the Scientific & Technical Industry

Research and development is at the heart of scientific and technical industries. As such, businesses in these areas often find they align well with the R&D tax credits scheme. In fact, the professional, scientific & technical industry is in the top three when it comes to the number of claims and the amount that successfully qualified for support.


To qualify for R&D tax credits, your work needs to seek scientific or technological advancement, resolving current uncertainties in the field. 


In the scientific & technical communities, this could involve new or improved products, processes, materials, devices, equipment and more. R&D tax credits can offer considerable help offsetting these development and testing costs.


There are many different kinds of business which sit within these industries. Some of the most common fields include: 

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical research
  • Life sciences
  • Healthcare and biotechnology


Additionally, types of business which sit more within professional & technical industries include engineering, legal and accounting services.

What is R&D in Scientific, Technical & Professional Sectors?

scientific pharmaceutical R&D

Research and development is a driving force in scientific, technical & professional sectors and so you may find you have multiple eligible projects. The investment in this industry is considerable and the types of projects are broad and complex. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but some examples of R&D in scientific and technical sectors include:


  • Pharmaceutical research and development into drug discovery
  • Research, testing and clinical trials for new or improved medicines, treatments and therapies
  • Developing new medical devices, instruments and diagnostic equipment
  • Improving existing medical devices, instruments and diagnostic equipment for increased precision, sensitivity or range
  • Improving manufacturing equipment, materials and packaging of products for greater shelf life, safety, efficiency or reduced costs


We are experts in R&D tax relief claims who can help you offset your investment into research and development activities. We have helped hundreds of clients across numerous sectors, and will apply our expertise to your unique business. 


We will help you to identify all activities that are eligible, produce the necessary reports and submit your R&D tax credit claim. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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