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R&D Tax Credits in the Food Industry

A large amount of innovative research and development happens in the UK’s food industry. As FMCGs, food and beverages are prime products for regularly undergoing tweaks, improvements and development. All this food product research and development activity is exactly the sort of work which R&D tax credits are designed to support. 


Food and nutrition are constantly changing to meet new customer demands and updated regulations. New food and drink products are released regularly and they all require extensive development and testing before coming to market.


Improvements to existing products is another large area in food & nutrition research and development, whether that’s in packaging, shelf life, eco-friendliness or other practical concerns. R&D will also be used to improve the food products themselves, in terms of taste, healthiness, longevity and cost, using modern technology and equipment to do so. 


Many businesses don’t realise that making improvements and advancements to existing products is just as suited to R&D tax credit claims as developing entirely new products and equipment. We can help you identify all your qualifying activities to get the most out of your claim.

What is R&D in the Food Industry?

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With so many challenges and developments in the food and beverage industry, there are lots of opportunities for research and development. There is a wide spectrum of work that could be eligible for R&D tax credits – some examples include:


  • Developing a new food or beverage product
  • Developing new product lines which are healthier, meat-free or free from
  • Improving an existing recipe in terms of taste, nutritional content, salt/sugar content or texture
  • Improving functionality of product packaging to increase shelf life, improve sustainability or recyclability, or reduce cost
  • Developing new equipment or processes to improve the scale, speed or efficiency of manufacturing, bottling, packing or canning 
  • Developing technology and processes to grow produce or make ingredients more efficiently


We have a wealth of experience in R&D tax credit claims which we will use to help you make successful claims. With business experience ranging across many types of business and sector, we take the time to understand your unique organisation. 


We will help identify all eligible activities, create the necessary reports and assist in your food R&D tax credit claim. Just get in touch if you have any questions.

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