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Fraser Maclean, Fleet Director at Autohorn admits he was initially sceptical, “I was a bit dubious at first I have to admit - when you first look at it you think, ‘oh we’re never going to get much from that’, but the amount we were spending on the new software system was a considerable investment, so we decided to look a little closer.

“When we spoke to RDS they gave us the reassurance that this is an incentive the Government is keen to push. Because we had a legitimate development that was already underway to improve the business, we decided to see if we were eligible.

“The software has completely transformed our business. Previously we would have had six different systems to do the same job but now everything is synchronised together in one place. What it has allowed us to do is continually improve and develop the software and really invest that money back into making our business even more efficient.”

Fraser Maclean, Fleet Director

RDS Testimonial

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