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I acquired the company in October 2019, at which time RDS had started working with the previous owner on a submitting a Research and Development claim to HMRC. The previous owner was nervous about the process and if I am honest probably did not really understand what could be claimed, let alone how to go about it. So, I met with Mark Joyner and he explained the process and what could be claimed in lay man’s terms and then quickly helped my team and I compile a revised submission and even managed to submit the second year claim in a matter of weeks.

RDS were great and did all of the hard work, my Contract Managers and finance team simply had to provide the information and have a number of conversations over the phone with the experts within RDS.

The output of all of this was that we effectively had to pay no Corporation Tax for the year and even after the RDS fees, made a significant saving and with the current climate the additional cash in my bank account will be important.

Thank you to everyone in RDS and we look forward to working together next year.

RDS Testimonial

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