Author: Terry Summerfield

“My crystal ball in regards to Brexit works no better than anyone else’s, but my guess is that not much will change. But what I do know is that UK companies are losing millions of pounds in potential R&D Tax Credit money by not recognising that they are doing R&D, not appreciating the full scope or just not knowing about the scheme. If you have not considered claiming R&D tax credits you should talk to an expert today.”

John Leach

A Recent article in Real Business Magazine

“Doing it yourself takes time – time that could be spent on other business growth related or profit generating activities and is often a false economy. Even though you know your business inside and out, we understand how to translate technical R&D activity into HMRC’s language and to spot the activity that might not seem to qualify. So why run the risk of making an incorrect claim or even the possibility of an HMRC enquiry?

John Leach

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Recent news, particularly the cyber-attack on the NHS systems has highlighted the need to keep all your systems up to date.

“Whilst businesses may have made an initial claim they do, however, often forget about the ongoing maintenance and continued security of their systems and especially the upgrades of interfaces between standardized systems, which often can also qualify for R&D tax relief. again highlighting the need for specialist consultants”

John Leach

“There has never been a time when the need for more investment in UK businesses has been more critical. A long-term strategy to bolster total spend on R&D to 3% of GDP would send an important signal about the intention of UK businesses in a post-Brexit world, and help stimulate economic growth.

There is unquestionable evidence that:

  • innovation boosts productivity and attracts inward investment;
  • innovative companies are more likely to export;
  • businesses developing new products create more jobs and grow turnover more quickly than non-innovating firms;”

John Leach

Full Article link : Now is the time to innovate (Dated 30th March 2017)